Have you ever heard something about fifth season? I mean, the one which goes after spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Well I have been there, and it was the best experience in my life. Here’s a picture from the nature of fifth season:


I can tell it’s the freest place with happy people, no rush of this world and a dream, which I still dream at nights. I’ve written a story about it, so don’t hesitate and read it.

Read full story here!



Here is a group of check mountaineers, who decided to enjoy morning sun at Chaukhi. The night before I was dancing with them and pouring them some drinks. Just two of them were in the hut, where I was working. All the team was staying in the tents a bit further from the hut. So they were like “wow that’s so cool here! Our friends are missing a thing! Tomorrow in the morning we will come all to have some breakfast here, ok?” Sure, I promised for them something, they left and after a couple of hours I went to sleep as well.

Well, it is a strange thing when in the morning your client is knocking on your bedroom door, opening them and smiling: “Hey! You promised us some pancakes yesterday!” Trying to smile and not to look terrible as I do in the mornings I promise him to come fast.

And while me and some other girls are preparing those pancakes, boiling some hot water for tea and coffee, here they are: practicing some kind of yoga in this wonderful landscape.

Then I realize again how I love mountains, people in the mountains and serving for them.

K. R.